This is a workshop using games to improve on reliability of commands and recall with your dog. Playing games is an enjoyable and non-threatening way to objectively quantify performance and fine-tune all basic obedience skills, including attention, position changes, stays, following, heeling, and precision work. It’s an easy and fun way to achieve a personal best performance. 


This class teaches how to:

- Train your dog to respond reliably, even when off leash, distracted and at a distance

- Use games to motivate yourself and your dog

- Quantify training progress to determine what your dog has learned and what training methods are most effective

- Reinforce commands with games such as Musical Chairs, Recall Races, Loose Leash Races, Greeting Exercises and Parkour tricks.

- Proof stays for a wide variety of odd and unexpected situations that would otherwise cause your dog to break

Each day will focus on how to address the most common problematic behaviours with dogs. Most scenarios can be managed with a reliable SIT, a solid RECALL and being able to walk with a LOOSE LEASH. Often dogs are bored and developing leash frustrations that can appear or quickly become reactive. Each Workshop will focus on developing reliable solutions for these problematic behaviours.

Day 1 - Sit/Down Stays with Distance and Distractions with a musical chairs game

Day 2 - Parkour tricks 

Day 3 - Recall and Greetings

Day 4 - Canine Good Neighbour and Loose Lease Walking 

Day 5 - Find It and Nose Work! 

Day 6 - Click to Calm! - GO TO YOUR MAT with a musical chairs game


Requires understanding of commands such as sit, down, stay and recall. 

Off-leash and handling exercises may be incorporated if your dog’s behavior and demeanor is friendly towards people and dogs. Classes with the musical chairs game is not ideal for dogs that are unfriendly towards other dogs. 


Learn how to harness your dog's super power and benefit from having a more manageable pet!

Every dog possesses this amazing scenting ability and they love performing tasks where they can use this skill.


Scent Detection is the fun and competitive version of teaching odor obedience where the dog must locate any and all hidden target scents within a designated area and alert the handler to the location. It is a true partnership sport in which both ends of the leash must rely on one another.


For all breeds, ages, sizes and ability of dogs.

This activity promotes confidence, develops joy in training and provides mental stimulation, ideal for shy, elderly or disabled dogs. The main elements of the sport are good sportsmanship and fun for the dogs and handlers.  Searches are done by one dog and handler team alone, allowing dogs with space issues to focus and succeed. 


Classes are taught by nurturing a dog's natural talents and adjusting to the individual dog without the pressure of human expectations. Scents are reinforced with food reward in the early stages and can be transitioned to toy rewards. No corrections or adversives are used in any part of the training.



In this class we develop your dog's scenting skills to search and locate a target scent. These exercises burn off mental and physical energy, and reinforce the bond between dog and owner. 


This class teaches dog owners how to:

Build dogs' motivation to look for the target scent.

Build dogs' commitment to stay at the target scent.

Train dogs' to report the finding by a report behavior.

Teach dogs' how to scent discriminate to find the scent amongst distractions.

Teach dogs' how to search for the scent in different environments.


The odours of the NACSW and C-Wags are taught.


Classes have 5-6 dogs. Each class is 1+ hours long.

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