FUN SCENT GAMES with Tracy Vicente CPDT-KA and FSG-1 (Fun Scent Game Level 1 Certified Instructor)

Your dog will learn fun games to search for food. This popular dog sport enables you to wear your dog out mentally, so it is ideal for active dogs, dogs with physical limitations or anyone who just wants to play a fun game with their dog. Dogs learn to systematically search boxes and other objects for hidden food. The level of difficultly increases each week and it is fascinating to watch the dogs catch scent and make a find. Dogs and parents give this class a very high rating for fun!


What is required:

- acclimating your dog to a cardboard box on the floor so it is not frightening to them

- a small bowl (can be provided) for water, as your dog's nose must be moist to detect scents successfully

- a leash AT LEAST 6 feet long (we want to maintain a loose leash during detection)

- plenty of kibble and variety of treats that are broken into small pieces that don't crumble. 

Dates: Sundays starting Feb 2nd - Mar 8th

Time: 4:30-5:30pm

Cost: $160 for 6 weeks

at Canine Campus, 2109A Louie Dr, West Kelowna, BC.