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My name is Lynne and I grew up on a family farm in a small community in Manitoba. I spent the majority of my time outside with our family farm dogs, multiple farm cats and various other farm animals. I have always had a passion for animals. While I lived in Winnipeg and pursued a career in Marketing and my Diploma in Business Management and Certification in Digital Multimedia, I volunteered at the Humane Society, assisting with the adoption process for cats and dogs. I even owned a cheeky ferret!


Since moving to BC over 20 years ago, I continued working in the Insurance and Financial Industry. I was lucky enough to volunteer at the Grouse Mountain Refuge Centre with Dr. Ken Macquisten and his Orphaned Grizzly Bears and Endangered Spotted Owls program. All the while trying to further pursue my passion for horses, eventually leading me to Natural Horsemanship. 


In 2010, after losing our very sweet 11 year old dog to cancer, we brought home a real whippersnapper of a puppy. As I sought out training, I realized it is both an amazing yet confusing time for raising a puppy. There are endless sources of information available at our fingertips, however it can be difficult to determine what is right for you and right for your dog.  Every trainer has their own style and techniques, and some of it I found unfitting to my dog and I felt I was drifting from my instinct. Then I found Maureen Fielding of K9 Leadership whose sharp instincts and years of expertise brought me back on track again. Soon after, she became my mentor in dog training.  Maureen not only gave me the opportunity to grow and to teach while pursuing my certification, but also recommended courses with behaviouralist trainers that I continue to follow. Working with Maureen and her team of trainers has been enriching, supportive and educational in a way that is often lacking in this 'dog eat dog' industry. 


Prior to joining K9 Leadership, I was a host for in-home pet sitting which involved overnight stays, dog walking and assisting with puppy rearing. In the first 2 years I hosted 50 different dogs of all ages and breeds. I quickly learned how to assess each dogs’ needs to achieve a well-balanced and stress free environment during their stay.


Shortly after I became certified with CPDT-KA our family moved from North Vancouver to the Central Okanagan area.  I am loving all the Okanagan has to offer and I look forward to meeting and working with the people and their dogs here. 


Inspired by our  10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback -  Jaxson Ch., CGN., CW-SP., who taught me humility and patience.

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