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For all breeds, ages, sizes and ability of dogs.


Every dog possesses this amazing scenting ability and they love performing tasks where they can use this skill.


Scent Training is the fun and competitive version of teaching odor obedience where the dog must locate any and all hidden target scents within a designated area and alert the handler to the location. It is a true partnership sport in which both ends of the leash must rely on one another.

This activity promotes confidence, develops joy in training and provides mental stimulation. It's not just for the high energy youngsters, it's also ideal for shy, elderly or disabled/injured dogs. The main elements of the sport are good sportsmanship and fun for the dogs and handlers.  Searches are done by one dog and handler team alone, allowing dogs with space issues to focus and succeed.


Classes are taught by nurturing a dog's natural talents and adjusting to the individual dog without the pressure of human expectations. Scents are reinforced with food reward in the early stages and can be transitioned to toy rewards. No corrections or adversives are used in any part of the training.



In this class we develop your dog's scenting skills to search and locate a target scent. These exercises burn off mental and physical energy, and reinforce the bond between dog and owner.

General Outline:

- Teaching odour recognition

- Clicker training to develop clear cues for the search game

- Reading your dog's scenting cues

- How to build dogs' motivation to look for the target scent

- Leash handling

- How to train an odour indication

- Variety of Container Searches

- Teach dogs' how to scent discriminate to find the scent amongst distractions.

The odours of the NACSW and C-Wags are taught.

What is required for Class:

- Crate (recommended if going to workshops or if you have a reactive dog) or a mat or raised bed for a station. 

- Food rewards - 1 cup kibble and 1 cup of ‘2 bite’ treats in plastic bags. Bait bags not required - especially if going to trials.

- 6 foot Nylon or Leather leash (10-15 foot long line optional).  

- bowl for water

- toy reward is optional

It’s recommended (but not mandatory) to have a specific harness or collar to differentiate a specific ‘job’ to your dog.  A harness with a back clip is ideal for creating motivation in searching.  If you already are using a harness with a front clip, you can use the same harness and switch the clip to the back for searching. 


No poo bag attached on leash.

No choke chains or prong collars. A haltie is allowed and can be switched to a collar during runs.

Must not use corrections.

Classes have 5 dog max.

Next Class:

5 Mondays Feb 5th - Mar 11th *No Class Feb 19th*

Time: 7 - 8 pm

Cost: $246.75 - includes Scent Kit

Location: Canine Campus, 2109A Louie Dr, West Kelowna, BC.

Max - 4 dogs


Once you have completed this class you can register for a Drop In Scent Class! Go to Book Now to find dates. 

Go to BOOK NOW to register.   
Your spot is confirmed after payment and due within 24 hours of booking.
E-transfer $ to 
There is a $20 admin fee for cancellations if notified 1 week prior to class start date and a $40 fee if notified after that. 
There are no refunds after the start of class.

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