PUPPY FOUNDATION PACKAGE - 3 Private Training Sessions

For puppies 8 weeks and older. 

This is a package of 4 training sessions that total 5.5 hours of training in your home with one field trip. 

Cost = $470 for 5.5 hours of private training and a Binder

Focus is on proper socialization and how to set up a routine and prevention plan to avoid future problematic behaviours such as:

Separation anxiety,


Puppy biting/destructive chewing,


Attention barking,

Resource guarding,

Fear of strangers or jumping on guests.

This age (6-12 weeks) is a critical period of development where your puppy learns to communicate and relate to other dogs, humans and the environment. It is the most influential learning period of a dog's life, forming the foundation for all future learning.  Lack of exposure and positive experiences during this time will prevent your puppy from it's full potential. Even though learning is continuous, the learning ability of an 8 week old puppy is equal to that of an adult dog. Private training can be more specific to you and your puppy's needs because each puppy has his/her own unique personality  based on genetics, temperament and early learning experiences.

This package will teach you how to:

Understand a dog's perspective - be fair

Be a good teacher

Communicate clearly

Be consistent

Be your dog's advocate

Basic manners commands such as: Sit, Down, Stand, Take-it/Drop it, Leave it, Go To Bed, On/Off.

To be a successful canine parent you should provide guidance, direction, consistency, predictability, and security rather than punishment. Puppy's do not learn when there is scolding or punishment and the fallout shows in adulthood (2-3 years old). 

The Puppy Foundation package will give you the tools for a stress free relationship with your dog based on mutual trust and understanding.  

To understand the urgency in the proper handling your puppy as early as possible, please download and read the following book:

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Everything started when we brought home Sophie. Bernese Mountain puppy, she was 11 weeks old. My husband didn’t want a crate because he thought it was cruel just like a jail. Meaning she was free in our whole house (first pet and a big mistake). After 2 days she was soiling our entire home and I was going crazy as we have 3 children; 7 , 5 and 3 years old. I was taking Sophie out for potty every 30 min but she was having a lot of accidents so went down to 20, then 15 and it would still happened, so I had a break down after almost 2 weeks. I feel that wasn’t spending time with my children, house was a mess not to mention I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Plus she was nipping the kids and jumping on all of us. That was the moment I said enough, we need a crate and help and thankfully found Lynne !!
She came over for 1 private lesson and taught us how to use the crate and playpen to put Sophie on a schedule and teach her to SIT around the children.  It has been 4 weeks since and we went from soiling the whole house to this past week no accidents, she is not jumping and nipping on us as she used to but of course she is only 4 months old so still a lot of work ahead. Can’t wait to do some classes with Lynne after COVID 19 is over. Thanks Lynne,  I don’t want to think how things would be without your advice. 

Wendy, West Kelowna