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PUPPY FOUNDATION PACKAGE - Zoom plus 4 hours Private Training Sessions

Preparation for bringing home your puppy or anytime from 2 months to 6 months of age.  Pre-teenager preparation. 

This includes a  Zoom session and 2 in home training sessions (each up to 1.5 hr) and  1 hour field trip and the download for the PupStart and Training Booklet and a toy that is suitable and enriching for your puppy. Totals up to 5 hours of training, 

Cost = $475 + GST

Focus is on:


  • Prevention Plan and Routine - Proof your home! Develop a fair schedule.

  • Diet - Use your puppy’s diet for daily enrichment, training and conditioning.

  • Enrichment - What does enrichment look like?

  • Socialization - Condition your puppy to the environment and meeting new people and dogs - the right way!

  • Handling - Condition your puppy to love handling and grooming. Your vet and groomer will appreciate this as much as your puppy!

  • Rest - Crate training to teach your puppy how to settle. Create an 'off' button.

  • Basic manners such as: Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Take-it/Drop it, Leave it, Go To Bed, On/Off.

This important foundation will teach you how to avoid future common problems such as:

Becoming reactive instead of proactive - this can accidentally reinforce problem behaviours. 

Separation anxiety,


Puppy biting/destructive chewing,


Attention barking,

Resource guarding,

Fear of strangers or jumping on guests.

Being fearful of new things. 

This package is ideal for:

People that cannot attend Group Classes or if Classes are full.

Families with children or multiple people in the home.

People with an older dog or other pets - cats!

People working towards Therapy Dog Certification. 

Anyone that wants to survive an adolescent puppy (6-18+ months)! Many breeds don't mature until they are 2-4 years old!

To be a successful canine parent you should provide guidance, direction, consistency, predictability, and security rather than punishment. Puppy's do not learn when there is scolding or punishment and the fallout from this shows in adulthood (2+ years old). If you are constantly saying 'No', we need to make some changes in your environment and schedule - quickly!

The Puppy Foundation package will give you the tools for a stress free relationship with your dog based on mutual trust and understanding.  

Go to BOOK NOW to book your first ZOOM session and the remaining 3 Private Sessions

Each session should be only 1 week apart. Max 2 weeks apart. 

There is a non refundable booking fee for each session.

Your discount will be applied and payment instructions will be sent after booking all 4 sessions.

If you cannot find consecutive dates please call or email so I can provide alternative dates. 

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