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"I called Lynne the day after I brought my eight-week old black lab puppy home so I could be sure to start off on the right foot. She gave us age-appropriate games and training exercises to build relationship and engagement that would form a solid foundation for obedience and other work. Emma and I did puppy classes and then graduated to obedience classes, from beginner through advanced boot camp. I have since done tracking, nose work and agility with Emma and she is a wonderful dog - the result of good early work with Lynne's guidance. Emma is two now and people routinely comment on what a well-behaved, calm, steady, and work-loving dog she is. She loves to work and lives to please. I credit Lynne with the amazing relationship I have with her."

Cheers, Corinne

What do you think is more challenging to your dog? Jumping over another dog? Or allowing a dog to jump over him? Or the dog allowing a stranger to pat his rump? Or the scary noisy train going underneath them? To some dogs this is all scary! But we make it fun!

"We enlisted Lynne's help when we first brought our Husky/Shepherd (Gatsby) rescue home. As well as being wonderfully patient (with Gatsby and us!!) she understood his personality very quickly and tailored her approach to suit his and our needs perfectly. Her work made the world of difference with his settling into his new home."

Thanks Lynne,  good luck with the new venture!           

Kay with Gatsby

"Lynne has an upbeat, positive and laid back training style that reduces the stress that often accompanies training a dog. She is a joy to train with."

Rob and Nicole with Ellie

Jaxson, Tucker, Ellie and Emma practising  'UP/OFF' and SIT/STAY (with Distance) for a photo during a Loose Leash Walk. Tucker is eyeing an oncoming friendly person approaching and still held his SIT! Good job!

"We were lucky to have Lynne play a big role in shaping Murphy into the sweet, happy and well behaved boy he is today.  We started off with a private session when we brought Murph home at 9 weeks old.  Not only did Lynne provide us with some great training tools, but she also recommended books and articles to start us off on the right path.  Murph fell in love with Lynne immediately and was so excited to see her when we arrived for our first day of puppy class.  We were so happy with the results of puppy class that we continued on with basic and intermediate obedience classes with Lynne and then joined her for on leash group walks.  Not only does Lynne have the skills and experience to be a great trainer, but she has that special connection with animals that makes training a fun and positive experience for all involved." 

Kate and Mark with Murphy

Everything started when we brought home Sophie. Bernese Mountain puppy, she was 11 weeks old. My husband didn’t want a crate because he thought it was cruel just like a jail. Meaning she was free in our whole house (first pet and a big mistake). After 2 days she was soiling our entire home and I was going crazy as we have 3 children; 7 , 5 and 3 years old. I was taking Sophie out for potty every 30 min but she was having a lot of accidents so went down to 20, then 15 and it would still happened, so I had a break down after almost 2 weeks. I feel that wasn’t spending time with my children, house was a mess not to mention I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Plus she was nipping the kids and jumping on all of us. That was the moment I said enough, we need a crate and help and thankfully found Lynne !!She came over for 1 private lesson and taught us how to use the crate and playpen to put Sophie on a schedule and teach her to SIT around the children.  It has been 4 weeks since and we went from soiling the whole house to this past week no accidents, she is not jumping and nipping on us as she used to but of course she is only 4 months old so still a lot of work ahead. Can’t wait to do some classes with Lynne after COVID 19 is over. Thanks Lynne,  I don’t want to think how things would be without your advice. 

Wendy, West Kelowna

"Thank you Lynn for all the training and drop in classes you have put on. I have learnt so much from coming to these and for suggesting to go volunteer before taking Missy. Well we went and took part in the scent detection trial this past weekend a Missy picked up a couple of qualifying ribbons.  Looking forward to more drop in classes Missy and I learn so much."

Phil, Bonnie & Missy

Sept 2022

Phil & Bonnie, thank you for this update. You have accomplished so much with Missy. From the first day I met her in Puppy Class I knew you needed to develop a task for her. She inspired me to get back into teaching the Scent Class. I have enjoyed watching you bond with her and being able to help Missy become a super star! She has an incredible strong talent for 'hunting' and it would have been difficult to survive her adolescence without this outlet. I'm thrilled beyond words to see her become the dog I knew she could be. I look forward to seeing you soon.



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