For any dog 6 months and older. 

This is a 6 week on-leash class intended for quiet, people-friendly and dog-friendly dogs to learn basic manners. Includes an Orientation, without dogs, one week prior to class, and informative resource material and weekly Homework instructions.​

This on-leash class teaches:

- Controlling the dog’s energy and enthusiasm

- How to address undesired behaviours

- Capturing the dog’s attention, 

- How to increase the reliability of responses to commands (Sit, Down, Stand)

- Reliable Stays and commands around Distraction, adding in Duration then Distance (3 D's)

- Walking with a loose leash 

- Heeling

- Leave it, Take it, Drop it

- Emergency Recall


Off-leash and handling exercises may be incorporated if your dog’s behavior and demeanor is friendly towards people and dogs. 


Barking dogs that are too disruptive and cannot learn “Woof” and “Shush” in class, may require and individual behavior consultation. Refer to this article for some further insight into why your dog may be barking: Barkaholics Not Very Anonymous 

Proof of a vaccination protocol or tither testing is required. If you are taking your dog to a day care or dog park you should discuss flea and lice treatments with your veterinarian. 

BASIC MANNERS CLASSES are at Canine Campus, 2109A Louie Dr, West Kelowna, BC., starting:

Next class dates: Registration open Aug 24th - please do not email to be put on a waitlist. 

Tuesday Sept 28

Wednesday Sept 29

Time: 7pm - 8:15pm

Cost for 6 WEEK CLASS is $240

5 dogs per class.

Orientation will be held through Zoom 1 week prior to start of class.


A Booklet with preparation instruction for class and weekly homework notes will be sent to you by email so please this email - is in your contacts so it does not go to your junk mail. If you are not reading through the required material and ready for class or following your weekly homework it will be difficult for you and your dog to keep up to the rest of the class.

Graduates of Basic Manners may register for the Intermediate Outdoor Class and may join the Leash Walking Group.

$30 off the Intermediate Class if it's your third class within 2 years from taking Puppy (or private Puppy Package) and Basic Manners Class. 

Discount rate of $80/hour for people that are in a class and want to catch up with a missed class.  Required if missed more than 1 class. 

Go to BOOK NOW to register.  
Your spot is confirmed upon payment and required within 24 hours of booking. 
Once you have paid, you will receive an email with confirmation and your Booklet.
There is a $20 admin fee for cancellations if notified 1 week prior to class start date and a $40 fee if notified after that but before class begins. There are no refunds once class begins.