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For dogs 6 months and older. 

This is a 6 week on-leash class intended for quiet, people-friendly and dog-friendly dogs to learn basic manners. This class is for you to develop a deeper connection and reliable communication skills with your dog. It is not a dog to dog interactive class. Dogs shy of people or other dogs are welcome but if fearful will require an individual behaviour consultation to help Counter-condition your dog to this environment. 


Includes a downloadable Booklet with Pre Class Preparation information and other helpful tips to work with at home.

This on-leash class teaches:

- Managing the dog’s energy and enthusiasm - recognize what is a trainable zone and help your dog focus in around distractions.

- How to stop reinforcing undesired behaviours and reward behaviours you prefer from your dog. 

- Capturing the dog’s attention and develop a stronger connection together.

- Behaviour modification information for Barking and Jumping will be included in your Booklet and can be discussed in class. 

- Go Say Hi and Sit for greetings - instead of jumping. 

- How to increase the reliability of responses to cues for Sit, Down, and Stand around Distraction, adding in Duration then Distance (3 D's)

- Adding in Impulse control exercises - replacing a 'stay' with a release. 

- Effective Leash Handling skills and training 3 different types of walks - Heel, Let's Go, and a Walk Nice (your dog's sniffari break)

- Leave it - give it up and look at me and I will give you something else! 

- Take it/Drop it - spit it out when I ask for a drop. How to use play to address arousal and prey drive. 

- Emergency Recall - come to you and finish with a Sit in front. 


Off-leash and handling exercises may be incorporated if your dog’s behavior and demeanor is friendly towards people and dogs. 


Barking dogs that are too disruptive in class, may require an individual behaviour consultation. 

Graduates of Basic Manners may register for the Intermediate Outdoor Class and may join the Leash Walking Group.

$25 off the Intermediate Class if it's your third class within 2 years from taking Puppy (or private Puppy Package) and Basic Manners Class. 

Discount rate of $80/hour for people that are in a class and want to catch up with a missed class.  Required if missed more than 1 class. 

Vaccinations:  If you are taking your dog to a day care or dog parks you should discuss kennel cough, flea and lice treatments with your veterinarian. Your vaccination protocol will vary depending on your dog's lifestyle and outdoor exposure. Please read: 

Dr Dodds Vaccination Protocol for Dogs


Classes are held at Canine Campus Dog Day Care in West Kelowna, and requires all their dogs to be in good health, up to date vaccinations, kennel cough and flea and lice treatment to attend their day care. Dog potty accidents are cleaned with professional and safe cleaning products.  

BASIC MANNERS CLASSES are at Canine Campus, 2109A Louie Dr, West Kelowna, BC., starting:

Tuesdays starting on April 4th - May 9th FULL

From 7pm - 8:15pm

Wednesdays starting on April 5th - May 10th FULL

From 7pm - 8:15pm


Registration opens on Mar 16th at 7am 

Mondays starting on May 15th - June 19th FULL

From 7pm - 8:15pm

Tuesdays starting on May 16th - June 20th FULL

From 7pm - 8:15pm

Wednesdays starting on May 17th - June 21st FULL

From 7pm - 8:15pm

Registration open for:

Tuesdays starting on July 4th - Aug 8th

From 7pm - 8:15pm

Wednesdays starting on July 5th - Aug 9th

From 7pm - 8:15pm

Cost for 6 WEEK CLASS is $240 + $12 GST = $252

Max. 5 dogs per class. 6 with student helper. 

After payment, watch for an email with a code for the downloadable Basic Manners Booklet with pre-class preparation that must be started 1 week prior to your class start date. The booklet can be found in the MORE section. 

Go to BOOK NOW to register. Then e-transfer payment to: (add this email to your contacts)

Your spot is confirmed upon payment and required within 24 hours of booking. 
There is a $20 admin fee for cancellations if notified 1 week prior to class start date and a $40 fee if notified after that. 
There are no refunds prior to 48 hours before your class. 
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