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As of Jan 1 2023 5% GST will be added to all services. 


Getting started with a private consultation, in your home, will help you with your dog at any age. Even dogs of the same breed can require a different game plan. We need to look at the full picture to develop a successful game plan. Training is an essential way to create clear communication but can be ineffective if you do not make changes to your environment that can contribute to behavioural problems.

There are 4 important contributors to dog behaviour:

1. Breed and age

2. Temperament and Disposition 

3. Environment 

4. Health and Diet

Many behavioural problems could have been resolved before your puppy turned 4.5 months old. So, the earlier you start with a realistic game plan suitable to your situation and dog, the easier it is to achieve lifelong results. If you have a puppy you should consider purchasing a package so you have all the information required to raise a well adapted dog. 

During private training we will get started with all relevant information, and then discuss realistic goals and come up with a training and management plan for you, followed by as many lessons as needed to reach your training goals. This one-on-one format works especially well for fear and aggression, separation anxiety, new puppy foundation & training, and basic manners your dog should learn. 

Please note: if your dog is showing aggression towards people and is over 1 years old, you will need to book a Zoom consultation  before a private session. 

Whether you start with a private training session or Zoom you will receive a written game plan that is suitable to you and your dog's specific needs. Either options are an excellent compliment to group classes. 

A $20 nonrefundable payment is required to confirm your appt. You can pay the remaining fee for the hour after your appointment by cash or e-transfer to First appointments usually take 1.5 hours. Please add 5% GST. 

Please add this email to your contact so they do not go to your junk mail. 

An additional charge of $30 will be applied to travel over 40 kms. 


Zoom is an economical and efficient way to get started with developing a game plan. It will include video examples and a recording of your session in addition to your game plan as per above. 

Payment can be made via Paypal during booking or e-transfer after booking to confirm your time. Once you have paid you will receive an email with a link to your Zoom appointment.  


Please make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded on your device before your appointment to avoid delays. 


A $20 nonrefundable payment is required to confirm your appt.

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