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Develop a game plan for your new dog or puppy.


The most common problematic dog behaviours are:

House soiling

Chewing inappropriate items

Mouthing or puppy biting

Jumping on people


Fear or aggression to people, especially men and children, or other dogs

Stress around vet visits,  groomers, or any general handling - hands!

Over aroused in new environments, people and/or dogs or movement 

Resource guarding you or other valued items


Going onto furniture when not allowed, or growling when approached

Leash pulling

Not coming when called - poor recall

Separation Anxiety


Most undesired behaviours started in puppyhood and are accidentally reinforced, unknowingly, by their owners attention.


Get started with Foundation Training to avoid these future problematic behaviours from developing and create new desired behaviours.  


  • This document will give you guidance on how to settle your new puppy into your home in a fair and constructive way.

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