LOOSE-LEASH WALKING - Outdoor Drop in  

For dogs that have completed Basic Manners Class.

This outdoor class provides an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in class and to problem solve in a social group to achieve a relaxed and stress free relationship with your dog while walking on a loose leash. (Click and scroll down to read How to Help A Leash-Reactive Dog) 

Everyone should have a good leash relationship with their dog. Teaching your dog good leash manners takes time and repetition. But a leash walk for your dog is often not enough exercise or stimulation and can be very unnatural or boring for your dog. If you don’t provide a proper balance then your dog may start to show some very undesirable behaviours. These behaviours often condemn your dog to the leash and can encourage the behaviour to continue or worsen. 


Ideal for dogs that are:

- pulling on the leash

- rudely approaching other dogs

- jumping on others

- snapping at the heels of joggers or cyclists 

- lunging, barking or appearing reactive. 


We discuss topics and practice techniques such as:

- What is a walk?

- What level and type of activity works for your dog?

- How to reinforce polite behaviours

- The 3 different walk commands - Heel, Let’s Go, Go Sniff.

- How to stop encouraging pulling

- Adult 1 and/or Adult 2 Class greetings


This is a drop in class held on Saturday mornings that are approximately 1-1.5 hrs. Registration and confirmation is required because locations change and is depending on weather. Please ensure you have 2-3 different types of food rewards ranging from low value to high value and a toy, if your dog values toy rewards. Wear sensible walking shoes and bring water, bug spray and poo bags. 


$60 for your first 3 walks. $30 for your next 3 walks. Free to join walks after that.  

Watch for an email invitation for dates and locations.

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