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A workshop can use games to improve on reliability of cues with your dog. Playing games is an enjoyable and non-threatening way to objectively quantify performance and fine-tune all basic obedience skills, including attention, position changes, stays, following, heeling, and precision work. It’s an easy and fun way to achieve goals.

Workshops can teach you how to:

- Train your dog to respond reliably, even when off leash, distracted and at a distance

- Use games to motivate yourself and your dog

- Quantify training progress to determine what your dog has learned and what training methods are most effective

- Reinforce cues with games such as Musical Chairs, Recall Races, Loose Leash Races, Greeting Exercises and Parkour tricks.

- Proof stays for a wide variety of odd and unexpected situations that would otherwise cause your dog to react. 

 Workshops are at Canine Campus, 2109A Louie Dr, West Kelowna, BC. (beside NorVal Rental 2103 Louie Dr) 


For Previous Basic Manners Students. 

Click to Calm! - GO TO YOUR MAT with a musical chairs game. 

The goal is to train your dog to have a reliable ‘go to your place/mat’ behaviour. The mat will become his/her place to settle. Once this association to the mat is in place, we will add in Duration and Distance with a some dynamic Distractions of playing musical chairs (movement) while your dog remains in on the mat.  

Workshops with the musical chairs game is not ideal for dogs that are unfriendly towards other dogs or people. 

Date:  March 12th

Time: 1-2pm

Cost - $40

Includes prize to the winner!

For Previous Puppy Class and Basic Manners Students and people that have started with Private training.

Ready Set - Get Ready for the Groomer or Vet - for stress free grooming and medical care preparation. 

Date: TBA

Time: 7 - 8pm

Cost - $80 for both


- dogs should be conditioned to recognize and respond to a clicker and/or verbal marker

- variety of very small, non crumbly treats. Treat bag for easy access to treats and free your hands

- clicker (optional but recommended)

- flat collar, martingale collar, well fitted harness (preferably front-clip) and

- a 6 foot nylon or leather leash with no poo bags or anything attached at the end. 


Choke chains, prong, shock/vibration, barking or spray collars or flex-leads (retractable leashes) are not allowed. 

Water will be provided but it is always recommend to bring your own water bowl. 


5 dogs max

Go to BOOK NOW to register.  
Your spot is confirmed via email with Class preparation instructions after payment. 
Please make sure is added to your contacts
There is no refund for cancellation within 48 hours before start date.
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