Puppy training starts with owner education. You should be ready the first day you bring your puppy home. But life doesn't always work that way so there are flexible options to help you catch up or get started right away.

You can begin your Puppy Foundation Training program in your home by booking a Private Consultation where I come to your home or through Zoom. This is ideal to get you started while you are waiting to join a Play Class or for your first set of vaccinations.

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The age (4-14 weeks) is a critical period of development where your puppy learns to communicate and relate to other dogs, humans and the environment. It is the most influential learning period of a dog's life, forming the foundation for all future learning.  Lack of exposure and positive experiences during this time will prevent your puppy from it's full potential. Even though learning is continuous, the learning ability of an 8 week old puppy is equal to that of an adult dog. 


Private training can be more specific to you and your puppy's needs because each puppy has his/her own unique personality  based on genetics, temperament and early learning experiences.


On Line Class will get you started in the comfort of your home with the most important foundation work that will help avoid future problematic behaviour and stressors.


There are two critical deadlines; the social development period of 4 - 14 weeks and the brain development period that decreases after 4.5 months. If you've missed the window of these critical deadlines, it's not too late to get started but your approach will need to be adapted according to your dogs' temperament and previous learning experiences.  


You want to develop as many good connections in the puppy brain to help smooth out the chaos that is often experienced in adolescence age (5 months to 1.5 yr+).  A dogs ability to adapt to new situations can be more difficult if you've missed this window of helping your puppy make good associations during this socialization period.


Like gardening, you want to prune the weeds and plant good seeds!


Puppies should start a play class around 3 months or before they are 4 months old. They can start as early as 10 weeks because unlike obedience training,  behaviour modification, socialization and bite inhibition training MUST be accomplished during puppyhood. The window when it's easiest to resolve temperament problems is before 4.5 months

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- Vaccinations:

Proof of vaccinations* that declares your puppy is in good health and has started vaccinations or tither testing is required prior to the start of play class. Vaccinations do not need to be completed before class. 

If you are taking your puppy to a day care or dog park you should discuss flea and lice treatments with your veterinarian. 

*The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour believes that puppies need  socialization before they are fully vaccinated.

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AVSAB Puppy Socialization

Dr Dodds Vaccination Protocol for Dogs

Why Puppies Need So Many Vaccinations

Puppy Play Classes are held at Canine Campus 2109A Louie Drive, West Kelowna, and requires all dogs to be in good health, up to date vaccinations, kennel cough and flea and lice treatment to attend their day care. Dogs are trained to eliminate in a designated potty area and any accidents are cleaned with professional and safe cleaning products. The facility is cleaned daily and is a safer environment than being outside where dogs with unknown history have been until your puppy has completed full vaccinations.

Puppies will receive a certification of completion after attending the Group Play Sessions.

Dates for Group Puppy Classes

GROUP PUPPY CLASSES for Puppies 10 weeks to 4.5 months old:

At Canine Campus Day Care, 2109- A Louie Drive, West Kelowna

Next Dates:

Sunday Jan 3rd 1:00 -2:00 pm  FULL

Monday Jan 11th - Feb 1st 7-8pm FULL

Next dates:

Feb 21 - March 14th from 9:30 - 10:30 FULL

Feb 21 - March 14th from 11:00 - Noon 1 spot open

Feb 21 - March 14th from 1 - 2pm

Cost for 4 weeks Classes: $190 

Includes 2 emails with pre-class instructions and video examples on how to start at home before your class begins and a Puppy Foundation Training Booklet with the weekly class instructions and helpful reading material. They will be sent to you upon payment. 


Max. 4 puppies (6 with student helpers) per group.


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